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Aoi Sky: Financially Troubled Married Woman

I met Aoi at a massage parlor. She works there and offers "happy ending" service for her customers. Despite being an escort she's exceptionally timid and has a cute personality. It seems that it's not her first choice to be an escort.

Aoi is married. Her husband recently got laid off because of the pandemic so he just let Aoi works as a massage therapist as long as she won't go any further and become a full-fledged prostitute. But that will change when she met me.

Full Name: Aoi Sky (Tsukasa Aoi)

Age: 33 Years Old

Alma Mater: Tokyo National University

Major: Advanced Mathematics


  • You can meet Aoi at the brothel, at the High-Class Escort Service section. It's recommended that you have lots of money or reach the rank of Assistant Vice President (AVP) before buying her service since it costs more than 10K per session.

  • Order a private room with her (costs an additional 3K), and don't just kiss her straight away, spend time with her, talk to her, and get to know her. If you already reached the rank of AVP and your relationship with her is high enough, you can ask her to go somewhere private like a hotel, instead of doing it in a brothel. Take her to the hotel, have fun with her, and ask her to be your sugar baby. This will cost you 25K/week. This might be too expensive for some, but you will get access to unlimited activities with her outside of the brothel such as:

    1. Fun at the Hotel 1 - Go to the brothel, pick Aoi and ask for a private room, and ask her to go to a hotel instead.

    2. Go to the mall, visit the property agent, choose rent, and choose the studio apartment that will cost you 1000K/week. This property is near Aoi's apartment so your girlfriend (if you have one) won't find out about your affair with a married woman. This is needed for some of her fun scenes:

      1. Morning Fun (7 - 10 am) You'll see Aoi calling you from her apartment. Go there and do her while her husband is having a shower.

      2. Afternoon Visit to her Apartment (4 - 5 pm) Aoi's husband is going out to meet a friend or maybe just going to a supermarket to buy groceries. You can use this opportunity to have quick fun with Aoi.

      3. Night Visit to her Apartment (9 - 12 pm) You can see from your window that Aoi's husband is just got home from a fruitless job-hunting, but you will also notice that Aoi's deliberately touching herself knowing you're peeping from your apartment. This is clearly an invitation. Go there and do her brain out.

    3. After becoming your sugar baby, Aoi will always be available to call in the evening (from 6 pm). Call her and meet her at the bar where you can have several scenes with her:

      1. Public fun at the toilet

      2. Quickie at the bar's control room

      3. Fun at the love hotel

      4. Or you can just talk about her husband and mock him in front of her, to satisfy your so-called "Alpha Male Ego" :D

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