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Corpo Life 0.18a: The Fall of Wolf

Updated: Apr 18

In this build you will be working together with BINAF and SPECTRE to track down the Wolf and bring an end to his crime empire


  • Complete Jia Lissa's event from 0.17d

  • Go to the Transformation Office, you'll notice that it's empty and Ellen is missing

  • Talk to Saeko, then follow the event chain until the end

  • You can choose whether to spare or kill the wolf. Your choice will have impact in the future builds

  • Yua will deliver Wolf's consigliera to your place. You can choose what to do with her (repeatable events)

  • Go to your CFO office at night (8-11pm), and call Saeko to come to your room. The fun scene can be repeated.

  • Go to BINAF office early in the morning at 8am, and ask Saeko for quick bj fun (new scene)

  • Go to BINAF office late in the night after 8pm and as for a quick fun (new scene)

  • You can now ask Suzume to come visit you in the medium apartment (3-6pm). There are two scenes for this event, the second scene will be unlocked after you unlock the first scene. The second scene then will play randomly with the first scene.

Corpo Life Secret Content: Gal Gadot (Upgrade to Senior Manager tier to unlock)

  • Go to relax in the Mansion's longue, Gal will come and ask you to jog together

  • You will sometime find Gal relaxing in the Mansion's yard, you can join her and have fun with her (random event - repeatable)

  • At the weekend after having some fun in the woods with her, you'll notice that your clothes are dirty. You can ask Gal to go the fashion store to shop for new clothes, and have fun with her

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No option to call Suzume


can't get to playback gal videos at mansion due to missing video files.


Is it correct or corrupted, let me know...

Me get only these options either call BNF or Kill him.

At guide, says save him... Is the passage BNF ?


Casper Frost
Casper Frost
Mar 17

Uhh so Suzume is missing for me, can't find her to talk to her or even call her.

Replying to

Gg Gg
Gg Gg
Mar 15

Can I marry Eva pregnancy?

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