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Corpo Life 0.18b: Money Launderer

Updated: Apr 18

This build will be the story path of those who chose to spare Mr. Wolf in 0.18a event


  • Complete Wolf Event (Choose to spare him):

  • Head over to your office. Rupert will reach out to let you know that the board has decided you'll be stepping in as CEO, taking over from Freya.

  • Hit the streets between 1pm and 5pm, and you'll notice a woman waiting for you. You'll discover she's Risa Murakami-Wolf, Alfred Wolf's wife. She's desperately seeking help because BINAF has targeted her as a suspect in a money laundering case.

  • Call her in the afternoon to set up a clandestine meeting with her at the studio apartment. You'll get hand-fun with her. It's repeatable, do it 3-4 times with her

  • In the 4th times you do it, Risa won't be able to hold it and will start giving you blow-fun and will have full fun with you

  • In the next day call her again and when she arrives take her directly to bed. After this event Risa will stay in your studio apartment

  • In the morning, go to studio apartment kitchen, 7-9am. Talk to Risa while she's cooking in the kitchen, and have fun with her

  • Sleep in either your mansion or home, in the next day, early in the morning visit the studio apartment, Risa will welcome you and you can have fun with her. (To play the repeatable scene, sleep in anywhere but the studio apartment, and visit the studio apartment in the next day)

  • You will see Risa doing chores in your studio apartment (10am-3pm). Interrupt her and ask for a head-fun

  • You will see Risa doing chores in your studio apartment (10am-3pm). Interrupt her and take her to bed

  • See Risa in the compact apartment kitchen between 4-6pm and ask for a quick fun

  • You will see Risa doing the laundry between 4-6pm and ask for a quick fun

Corpo Life Secret Content: Gal Gadot - Cover-up Wedding (Upgrade to Senior Manager tier to unlock)

  • You'll get a call from Yua (check your right side bar), answer it. Yua will arrange cover-up wedding between you and Gal, and of course with the permission from your wife, as a mission cover. You'll marry Gal, and she'll live with you in the mansion. Enjoy your first night with her as wife and husband

  • As your wife, Gal still work regularly for her shoots and movie projects to avoid public suspicion for Yaron's case. But in the mansion longue, you can call her to come home early and have fun with her

  • Gal also can be seen hanging out in the kitchen just before 6pm, you can talk to her to ask her go for a drive strolling around the woods, have fun with her in the kitchen, or ask her to wear her wedding dress again, and have fun with it afterwards

  • Go to sleep in the mansion master bedroom, in the morning you'll wake to loud noise where Gal preparing for her movie shoot. You can ask for a quick fun with her

  • Gal will randomly appear in 2nd floor lounge at the mansion to play with her light bulb. Assist her in installing new light bulbs, and you'll get a reward from her

  • Note: All eva's scenes are now moved into Mansion Guest Room number 2

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06 de mai.

I've completed all the events in .18a but rupert hasn’t appeared yet. Please solve this issue


Rupert is not calling

Please help

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