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Ellen Wang: Tutor, Consultant & Comforter

Updated: Feb 19

Ellen is one of the first holders of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). From a very early age, she loves mathematics, finance, and money. She works full-time at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) as a senior risk and transformation consultant, but she also teaches CFA & FRM courses part-time. She's a very kind, smart and loving tutor

Real Name: Yuki Rino

Full Name: Ellen Wang

Age: 28 Years old

Alma mater: Oxford University

Major: Ph.D. in Computer Science


  • Once you get promoted to Assistant Manager, talk to Eva, she will give you the opportunity to enroll in CFA and FRM classes (You need to finish CFA first before taking FRM). Buy a laptop and the equipment at the mall, go back home, there you can choose to enroll in CFA classes

  • Call Ellen to your place by selecting CFA from your workstation, and choose "Arrange for Private Tutoring". This is repeatable, and you can get a hand-job from her if you're lucky

  • Get your course progress bar to 90-100% before you can participate in an exam

  • Once you finished CFA you can enroll in FRM. You can arrange private tutoring with her, depending on the time the scenes will be different:

    1. If you arrange private tutoring with her before 7 pm Ellen will come and tutor you in FRM. You can have funytime with her and get boob-job from her

    2. If you arrange private tutoring with her after 7 pm, Ellen will offer you whether you really want private tutoring. or go straight to fun. Both scenes are unique and have their own stages

  • Complete FRM course, take and pass the exam

  • Get promoted to a Vice President, Anthony Fukuda the CFO will ask you to be involved in the Transformation Office Initiative. To your surprise Ellen will be involved in the transformation as a corporate transformation consultant. This will unlock several office scenes with her

  • Triggering transformation office event will give you deadline, be sure to work in the Transformation Office instead of your regular office. If you miss the deadline you'll be fired and game over

    1. Morning Meeting fun (Office - Transformation Office - 10-11 pm). You can have a quickie with Ellen after the meeting ended

    2. Post Lunch Toilet Blowjob (Office - Transformation Office - 12-1 pm) Ellen will ask you to have lunch together with her. She will ask you to do naughty things when you're having lunch. She will ask you whether you want to go to the toilet? or the filing room? Choose toilet to trigger the scene

    3. Post Lunch Filing Room Quickie - Choose the filing room

    4. Transformation Office Night fun (Transformation Office 9-10pm) After everyone already left the office, Ellen will come to you and ask for a quick fun

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