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Eva & Candice: Mansion Household


In 0.17 I do some major rewriting for Eva Lovia your the first boss that you have. So her guide: is practically obselete.


  • Make sure you completed all Arina's events here:

  • Make sure you completed all Saeko's events here:

  • Go to Eva's office anytime in the weekdays before 5pm. Follow the event and learn something about Yua and her team

  • Purchase the Mansion (50 Million bucks). visit your new mansion. Expect a call from Agent Candice of BINAF, associated with SPECTRE, an elite division overseeing the security of your newly acquired mansion.

  • Everytime you're going to the office and go back at the mansion Agent Candice will perform security checks on you. Do this 3-4 times to unlock your first fun scene with Candice (this is repeatable)

  • You can now call Candice to your Home-Office at your Mansion to perform "security check" on you (repeatable)

  • Go to Eva's Office before 2pm to discuss about your findings about Yua and her team. Lie to her to cover Yua's real identity

  • Follow the event until you bring her to your mansion and make her stay there with you

  • You will have fun with her when you arrive at your mansion (this event is repeatable, go to her office starting 5pm, and ask her to go the club)

  • This will unlock several other scenes with Eva

    • Offce fun: 9am - 6pm. Visit her and find that she's upset and angry about Yua's team, calm her down with fun

    • Mansion - Kitchen: 7pm - 9pm

    • Mansion - Bedroom (night): 10 -12pm

    • Mansion - Bedroom (morning): waking up

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