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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't progress with Transformation Office while the deadline is counting

    1. Using saves from 0.06 or older might cause a bug where the transformation effort is not progressing while the deadline is counting. If you use the old save, make sure that save hasn't passed the first transformation office event

    2. Or alternatively, inject a console command (it works even if you're playing on an online platform like Mopoga

      1. Press F12 while playing the game it will open a devmode bar

      2. search for a console tab and type:

  • Melody's event won't trigger. I already got all the requirements!

    1. Check on Melody's page here or download a save from F95 here

  • I can't seem to unlock anything. I can't enroll in CFA, FRM, or any other events, while I am already a Chief.

    1. If you reached this rank it means you use the corporate rank cheats excessively and you might already encounter bugs, and your game might be broken, while you think it's a bug

Using Cheats

Try not to use too many cheats, especially the corporate rank one. If you bypassed some ranks without triggering their events, your game will break, and you will think that the game is buggy

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The event with the ceo won't trigger

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