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Gameplay & Career Guide

Building a career in Corpo Life can't be categorized as easy. You start with only 5K in your bank account when you have to live in the concrete jungle of NYC.

This guide will assume you don't use cheats, where you try to survive on your own, not with your parent's privilege or money. (WARNING: OVERUSING CHEATS MIGHT BREAK YOUR GAME)

  1. As a Trainee

    1. When you first got accepted into the bank, you'll be assigned as a management trainee assuming you don't have the required skill or experience yet.

    2. Interact with Eva, Mia, and Natalia. Your fresh brain is sometimes needed by your colleague

    3. Never skip working on weekdays

    4. Nobody's attracted to a trainee, but if you get horny you can always visit the brothel at night

    5. Keep on working until you're graduated from a management trainee program

  2. Promoted to Assistant Manager

    1. Eva will congratulate you on your promotion and tell you about the opportunity in developing your skills by enrolling in CFA and FRM

    2. CFA enrollment cost 1.5K while FRM cost 5K. They might be expensive but the effect on your career progression can be significant

    3. Buy a PC at the mall. Install them in your home. there you can put your money in the bank, buy stocks, play video games, and enroll in CFA and FRM. FRM is only eligible for CFA holders

    4. Enroll in the CFA course, and you can arrange for private tutoring with Ellen. If your progression bar is full you can participate in the exam

    5. If you have the money and the energy continue to enroll in FRM

    6. If you have both CFA and FRM it won't take long to be promoted to a Manager

  3. From Manager to Senior Manager

    1. As a manager, you're entitled to have your own office room instead of that boring cubicle

    2. Go to Eva's room, and ask for your own office room

    3. When you have your own office room, you can now hire three subordinates. You can hire Yua, Remu, and Anne. Hiring them is a game changer, you will get less stress, spend less energy, and gain promotion progress much faster compared with working alone

    4. Check on Remu before noon, at certain days she might have some leads about potential new borrowers. This will give you a hefty bonus of 30K bucks and a significant promotion progress

    5. Keep on doing this until you reach the rank of Assistant Vice President (AVP)

  4. Assistant Vice President (AVP)

    1. On the first day of becoming an AVP, Eva will congratulate you because you are now of the same rank as her, and you will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) himself, Mr. Anthony Fukuda.

    2. Gain his favor and respect. Check this detailed walkthrough on how to trigger Anthony's events.

    3. Completing Anthony's event will boost your career progress significantly

    4. At this level, you can start to have sugar babies. One of the available girls is Aoi

    5. Keep on working hard, visit potential new borrowers with Remu until you reach the rank of Vice President (VP)

  5. Vice President (VP)

    1. Visit Anthony's room. He will ask you to be involved in Transformation Office Initiatives. There you will work alongside other VPs.

    2. There you can find Ellen, you can explore sexual opportunities with her at the Transformation Office. But don't forget to work on the transformation office instead of your own office room. If you missed the deadline you'll be fired and game over (Warning: Using saves from 0.06 or older might cause a bug where the transformation effort is not progressing while the deadline is counting. If you use the old save, make sure that save hasn't passed the first transformation office event)

    3. Report to Anthony when you finished the transformation initiatives within the deadline. He will congratulate you and boost your promotion progress. If your promotion bar is high, it's not impossible that you will be promoted to Senior Vice President (SVP)

    4. After completing the transformation initiatives, Anthony will introduce you to the CEO, Mrs. Freya Parker. Now you can visit her office, get to know her, talk to her, and eventually leads you to the events where she will ask you to do her favor like The Hotel Construction Financing for her best friend the Hollywood Model Margot Robbie. Complete this chain of events then you will unlock her chain of sex scenes and get a really really big promotion progress and cash bonus.

  6. Senior Vice President (SVP)

    1. Keep on having a sexual relationship with the CEO. Have sex with her 10 or more times

    2. This will unlock the BINAF event

    3. Complete BINAF event, if you haven't purchased a house, buy one, wait for a week.

    4. Your dad will call you when you reached your office, and ask if Melody can stay with you.

    5. (event for Corpo Life 0.11a) Visit Anthony and Julia's house to attend Anthony's funeral to trigger event chains for Julia

  7. Chief

    1. No content yet. If you reached this rank it means you use the corporate rank cheats excessively and you might already encounter bugs, and your game might be broken, while you think it's a bug

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