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Julia Boinovsky Fukuda: (un)faithful Wife

Julia is Anthony's (The CFO) wife, Remu's biological mother. She's one of the elite socialites of New York City. She has a mixblood of Japanese and Polish origins.

Not only beautiful for a woman her age. She also has a remarkable career as an actuarial professor at New York City University. She also works part-time as an ad-hoc auditor for the government

She loves Anthony despite being cheated on several times by him, but sometimes despite being bright in her career, she's also oblivious, naïve, and easily manipulated. Especially related to her libido.

Full Name: Julia Boinovsky (Julia Boin)

Age: 45 years old

Stanford University Ph.D. in Actuarial Science


  • Reach the rank of Assistant Vice President (AVP), then you will be introduced to Anthony the CFO.

  • Keep interacting with the CFO, talk with him, do his favor,

  • Participate in Yaron's loan restructuring event (6 pm at CFO's Office). When your relationship with Anthony is high enough he will involve you in an illegal loan restructuring event. If you decide to help him with this, you will gain huge trust from him.

  • Accept Anthony's offer, return to the office immediately, wait until CFO's office is empty, go in there, and do the illegal restructuring via Anthony's PC.

  • Go home and sleep

  • In the next day, go to the office to meet with the CFO and inform him that the restructuring process is completed.

  • Keep working at the office until evening. Go to the office lobby, you will receive a call from Yaron's wife, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot herself. Follow Gal Gadot's chain of events, until you manage to bring Wonder Woman to bed

  • After you managed to bang The Wonder Woman, go to the CFO office at 4 pm, and discuss with Anthony his family life. Then Anthony will invite you to a dinner at his house

  • You will be introduced to Julia during the dinner

  • Julia will confront you during the dinner about your illegal activity with Anthony, but the best part is she doesn't know that you used his PC to do the restructuring.

  • After dinner, Julia will ask you a favor and bribe you using her body. This will unlock Anthony's house as a visitable NPC. Accept this to have fun with her to unlock the chain of events with her:

    1. Anthony's Livingroom (7 - 10 pm) to repeat the initial fun scene you had with her

    2. Anthony and Julia's Bedroom (1 - 6 pm) You can do Julia at Anthony's own bed

    3. Anthony's Kitchen (7 am - 11 am) do her while she's cooking or doing chores

  • Finish Saeko's event (BINAF Event) which resulted in the death of Anthony, Buy a house (cost 1 Million), and date Remu. Wait for a few days, then attend the funeral at Anthony's house

  • Julia will let you attend the funeral when everybody's already gone

  • Julia's secretly planned to kill you. She will fail, then you will do her in front of her husband's dead body ash

  • Eventually, she will give up, and agree to live with you. this will unlock several home-fun events with her:

    1. Julia Bedroom Morning (7-8 am) Enter her room (guest room 2) and do her

    2. Julia Bath fun Morning (7-8 am) take a shower at 7 or 8 am. After showering Julia will come inside and ask for a fun

    3. An afternoon working out (11 am - 2 pm) Julia's working out in the living room. She will offer you to touch and grope her. Watch out for Remu.

    4. Julia Bedroom quick fun (5 - 7 pm) Julia's cleaning the wardrobe. You can see her bending on the floor. And you decide to give a surprise fun for her

    5. Julia Kitchen Sneaky fun (8 - 9 pm) You're hanging out alone in the living room while you can see Remu and Julia having a conversation at the kitchen. Call her to you, give her a massage, she will get horny and ask to be done even if Remu's around

    6. Julia's Evening fun Bedroom (9 - 10 pm) In the living room Julia's standing in front of her room's door. Approach her to have fun with her in her bedroom. Be careful if you're doing it too loud, Remu will come to check

    7. Julia Living Room Surprise fun (11 pm) Julia's only wearing a towel exiting the bathroom. You see her drying up her hair. You can choose to surprise do her there

    8. Julia Bedroom Night (12 pm) Enter her bedroom at night when she's sleeping. Do her, and go to bed. The next morning Julia will come to your room and give you a blowjob even if Remu's sleeping beside you

    9. Boobjob and Chores (Weekend 7 - 11 am) You and Remu are playing video games in the living room while Julia's doing chores. Remu will ask you to help her mother. Instead of helping her, instead you can ask her to "help you" down there

Julia as Maid (Karen Marriage Route)

  • Complete Remu's events in Karen's route here:

  • You can ask Julia to prepare you food (Mansion -Dining Room)

  • You can ask Julia to make you coffee (Mansion - Lounge)

    • You can ask her to have fun after coffee

  • You can call Julia to your master-bedroom (7-10pm)

  • You can call Julia to come to you and give you BJ (7-12pm)

  • You can go to her room and bang her there (Maid 2 Room - 5-12pm)

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