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Karen Davis: My First Love


  • Graduate from the management trainee program and be promoted to Assistant Manager to unlock interaction with her

  • When asked whether you have met your boss (Eva Lovia) choose "lie to her"

  • When talking to her, always respond in a nice tone

  • Keep interacting with her, when your relationship bar is 50% or more, at evening you can ask her to go to an office party with your fellow management trainees

  • Get her drunk at the party by always choosing "Drink More". Take her to your apartment, and make love to her. You can fuck her in several sessions if you have enough energy

  • The next day when you're getting ready for work, Karen will ask you to be her boyfriend. If you agree to be her boyfriend, she will stay and live with you. This will unlock the chain of events where you can have fun times with her:

  1. Bedroom (7-8 am) when you're getting ready, Karen will ask to have a quickie

  2. Kitchen (9 am) Karen is having breakfast in the kitchen. You can have a quickie with her

  3. Livingroom (7-10 pm) Karen is hanging-out in the Livingroom. You can have fun with her

  4. Shower - Evening (7-9 pm) Karen brushes her teeth. You can make out with her and get a hand-job

  5. Bedroom (11-12 pm) Karen is hanging-out in the Bedroom. You can ask her to have fun before bed

  6. Bedroom-Weekdays (Waking up 7 am) Karen will wake you up, and you can choose to have morning fun with her

  7. Shower - Morning (7 am) Karen's showering. You can join and have fun with her

  8. Office fun (Interacting with Karen in the Office) Interact with her, if she's corrupted enough (make her addicted to you by having a lot of fun with her), she will agree to make out, eventually, have fun in the office.

  • If you choose to break up with her, she will quit the bank, and eventually quit the bank.

Karen's Return

  1. To trigger Karen's return event, there are requirements that need to be done:

    1. Dated her before, and broke up with her

    2. Complete BINAF events and wait for 11 days

  2. There's a new place to visit "Convenience Store" in the mall. Karen works there after quitting the bank. You can see her working starts from 7pm to 12pm

  3. Talk to her, and learn about her story. She will reveal that she made you an anniversary video on the day of the breakup. Go home and watch the video in your PC

  4. You can visit her again at her working shift. Re-develop your relationship with her, take her to her favorite pub, walk her home, and you can have fun with her after (this event is repeatable)

  5. Having fun with her will unlock fun more fun scenes with her:

    1. Call her via "Call your Flings" options - Weekdays - 9pm to 10pm. Ask if her shift already finished. You'll meet her later at her house and have some fun

    2. Weekend events with her. Call her 6pm to 9pm. Do some night strolling with her, you can visit her house later, and have some drinks. there are two branching fun scenes:

      1. You're tipsy and getting dizzy, Karen will let you nap for a while. While you're napping, Karen will fuck you.

      2. You try other drinks that Karen suggested. You can fuck her and creampie her two times in a row

    3. Weekend events with her. Call her 8am to 4pm. Take her driving around the city with your new car. Take her to her house, you can fuck her later in her room

Karen's Marriage

  1. To trigger Karen's Marriage event, take Karen to the Pub after her shift, you have to be not married to Remu (or anyone), and have fun count more than 10 times with Karen. There will be an option to propose to her

  2. Marrying Karen will unlock 6 new events with her:

    1. Home - Livingroom 8 - 9 am (morning chat and fun)

    2. Home - Livingroom 8 - 9 pm (cosplay fun)

    3. Home - Bedroom 9 - 12pm (choose scene 2)

    4. Home - Bedroom 8 am (Hug her from behind and ask for fun)

    5. Home - Bathroom 7 - 8 am (Join her - choose scene 2)

    6. Home - Kitchen 8 - 9 pm (Have dinner with Karen and continue to fun)

The Mansion - Karen as Maid - Remu's Route

  • Make sure you are married to Remu and follow this following guide, step by step

  • Obtain a Mansion and finish all of the quests. Guide:

  • Make sure you already contacted her at the Konbini/Convenience store.

  • Talk to her again for several time

  • Ask for her about her financial problem, she will ask you to let her work at your Mansion as a maid

  • Mansion - Longue - All day - Ask Karen to bring you a glass of wine. You can ask for fun after that

  • Mansion - Master bedroom - After waking up, choose the option to "Sleep one more hour"

  • Mansion - Dining room - All day - Ask Karen to cook you some meal, you can ask for a lap-dance with her after that

  • Mansion - Maid Hallway - You'll see Karen is on a phone, talk to her. She will reveal that her mother is also in a financial problem and ask you if you would hire her also as a house-cleaner.

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