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Lt. Colonel Saeko: BINAF Agent

Saeko is a seasoned officer at Banking Industry Investigation & Authority Force (BINAF). She's specialized in financial corruption practices and money laundering crime. She's married to a fellow government employee. She's one of the most feared agents in BINAF. But of course, she won't resist my charm for long.

Name: Saeko Matsushita (Noriko)

Age: 37 years old

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Top graduate from Special Military Academy

Top graduate BINAF Officer Program specializing in Detective and Investigative Studies on Financial Crime


  • Complete CEO events, have fun with the CEO at least 10 times.

  • Rent studio apartment (1K/Week)

  • Go to your office room, the CEO will call you informing the arrival of BINAF agents to investigate unusual events in Chase Bank. Do what the CEO ask you to do, prepare a working area for the BINAF agent

  • Talk with the BINAF team leader (Saeko)

  • Wait for a week, then discuss the audit result with Saeko. She will ask you to accompany her to investigate Anthony's room

  • Go with Saeko and Anthony to CFO's room and listen to Saeko and Anthony.

  • Go home and go to sleep. The next day, check on her room. Saeko won't be there. She's on a mission to arrest Anthony and his syndicate. Follow the events till the end. Saeko will end up killing Anthony.

  • Saeko will be grateful to you that you saved her from Anthony's syndicate. She's now more open than usual. You can have small talks with her and eventually ask her to go for a drink (7 - 10 pm) :

    1. Depending on what day you ask her to go for an after-work drink there will be two different scenes that can be triggered

      1. Monday - Thursday (BINAF room 7 - 10 pm) Saeko won't drink too much during working days (Monday to Thursday), she wants to stay sober so she can be effective at doing her job. After drinking take her home, she won't ask you inside because her husband is on the way home. But if you insist, you might get lucky (this event is repeatable)

      2. Friday - Sunday (BINAF room 7 - 10 pm) It's Friday or even the weekend. She will relax a bit and drink until drunk. She will be too drunk to be taken to her apartment, so you will take her to your rented apartment. do her while she's drunk. Her husband will call her when you're doing her, make her answer the call, and cuck the looser husband. doher brains out until you both fell asleep

        1. Morning fun at the apartment: Upon waking up you'll see Saeko's still there. She even cooked for you. You can ask for fun right after waking up

        2. Morning Shower fun: After making love with her in the bedroom, go to the bathroom Saeko's taking shower. do her there again

        3. Getting ready - quickie: When you both finished showering and getting ready, you can have one more quick fun before going to the office (yes it's the weekend, but you can still work there with Saeko)

      3. these fun events are repeatable, also these initial scenes will unlock other scenes

    2. Day Quickie (7 am - 6 pm) You can ask for quick fun with her when nobody's around

    3. Night Quickie (7 pm - 10 pm) Everybody already went home, BINAF office is empty. You know the drill. You and Saeko will pass out due to intensive fun, you'll be sleeping with her at the office. In the morning upon waking up, you buy her breakfast

    4. Dinner (and fun) at Saeko's (7 pm - 10 pm) Go to the BINAF office, talk with the team leader, and choose Dinner with Saeko's Family. Saeko will explain that her husband is grateful that You managed to save her from the Wolf's Lair. Have dinner with Saeko's husband and sister. After drinking too much, her husband will pass out, you and Saeko will carry him to the bedroom. You see her husband is totally out, it's an opportunity to have fun with Saeko.

    5. Weekend fun (Saturday - Daytime before 6 pm) Visit her apartment, Saeko's tending to her house-chores at this time. After finishing her chores she will masturbate thinking of you. Luckily you're there at the front door to satisfy her desire

    6. Weekend fun (Sunday - Daytime before 6 pm) Visit her apartment, you'll meet Saeko at the front of her apartment. Use this opportunity to do her

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