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Melody: Curious Step Sister

Melody is the daughter of my stepmother. My dad married her mother 12 years ago when she was just 7. She graduated from Harvard even if she's just 19 this year. Dad called me and ask if Melody can stay with me while she's doing her job hunting here in New York City. Of course, I let her. As long as she doesn't tease me with her unearthly beauty. Even if I'm his stepbrother, I can also fall into temptation.


  • Complete the BINAF event, and wait for a week. When you arrived at the office your dad will call

  • Melody will come to your house and start to live with you. But make sure you already own a house

(So the main requirement to progress the story with Melody are:)

  1. Purchased a house

  2. Complete BINAF where you do Saeko

  3. Wait for a week

If the event is still not triggering then here is what you can do

  1. Use save before the BINAF event ended (where Saeko shot Anthony)

  2. If you don't have that save, you can try to play the game from the beginning

  3. Or you can download a save from one of the F95 users here:

  4. Press F12 to display dev mode, and search for the console bar, and type:

Thanks to ArtKing22 who gave me this solution.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience I put the code to trigger Melody's event on a scene where Saeko kills Anthony when I'm updating to 0.10. So if you use a save that already passed that scene the trigger won't happen. I'm sorry for this

  • Work on your relationship with her

  • You promised yourself that you won't be tempted to see your stepsister's beauty. But if you often caught her masturbating, you can't contain your desire for her

  • Peep on her when she's masturbating (10 - 11 pm) in her bedroom (Guest Room 1). Keep on doing this until you can't contain your lust for her

  • If your lust for her is high enough, enter her bedroom at 12 pm. Enter her room and discuss her job-hunting progress. At the end of the conversation, she will ask you to accompany her to sleep. If your lust for her is high, you will agree to it

  • Melody will tempt you. She will sleep naked while you have a boner. Do her. You'll sleep with her for the night

  • In the morning Melody will wake you up and ask for another round of fun. This event is repeatable and will trigger her chain of fun events:

    1. Morning fun (7 - 8 am) Melody's still sleeping in her room, wake her up. Do her if necessary

    2. Kitchen fun (10 am - 4 pm) Melody's happily doing your kitchen chores. You can interrupt her and have fun with her

    3. Public Bar fun (At home 7 - 9 pm) You can ask Melody to go out either to a theme park or go drinking at the bar. At the bar, she will dare you to do naughty things to her. After this, you can go to a love hotel with her to do her brains out

    4. Bathroom fun (10 pm) Melody's showering at night, you can join her and have fun with her. Eventually, she will ask you to continue to do her in her bedroom

    5. Cosplay fun (Bedroom - 1 to 12 pm) If you're napping at your bedroom at this hour upon waking up Melody will ask you to have fun with her. And she's wearing a Japanese Goddess-Like Kimono... You just knew that she's a weeabo

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