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Minami Aizawa: Yua's Apprentice

Minami is the first hire of Yua's team. She is extremely beautiful but shy. She has a degree in Finance, and has been working from J.P Morgan since her graduation.

After Yua is promoted into VP. She hired Minami as her right hand to handle difficult credit borrowers


  • First time meeting her. You can't help but to wonder how she's so perfectly beautiful, but one thing is you notice that she always wear face mask at the office.

  • Keep interacting with her. Once your relationship is around 40-50% at one night where she already went home, check into her desk at 8-12pm, this event will lead to the scene where you force her to do "things" with you (this event is repeatable. At night before she went home, ask her to go to the storage room with you

  • In the morning you can also ask her to go the pantry so she can please you with her mouth

  • Keep playing these two scenes 4-5 times, at one point you will feel guilty on forcing her. Before 2pm, go check on her and ask her to follow you to the empty meeting room as you want to speak personally with her and ask for her forgiveness. This scene will unlock romantic scene with her.

  • Once you romantically involved with her, you can invite her for a drink. At 5 - 10pm, go to Yua's office and ask Minami to go for a drink.

  • Get drunk and Minami will take you to her apartment, and she will take advantage of you, and do you when you're drunk.

  • After that event, you'll wake up next to her and find out that Remu's calling. You can choose to pick her phone up or continue having fun with Minami. After the fun event, you realized that you're in Minami's apartment. You can explore her apartment.

  • In Minami's apartment she will wait for you in the bedroom and offer you a bathrobe

  • Have fun with her at night in the bathrobe, and fall asleep afterwards

  • Wake up in the morning, Minami will ask you for another round of fun.

  • When you're romantically involved with Minami, you can call her and ask her for a hookup in the weekend

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