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Miu Shiromune: Naughty Fresh-Grad

Updated: Feb 19

Miu is the second hire of Yua's team. She looks shy and timid but deep inside she's a different person. She has a degree in Finance, and her first job is right here, working with Yua Mikami

After Yua is promoted into VP. She hired Miu as a Junior Approver since Yua saw potential in Miu


  • Complete all Yua promotion events

  • Go to the mall and rent the medium apartment

  • Yua will hire Miu after getting promoted.

  • Get your relationship to more than 50% with by discussing work with her after 7pm

  • After office hour, you can take her to the bar to drink. You can choose whether take her home before getting drunk, or got drunk, and take her to your apartment. Both decision will lead to different fun scenes

  • Then you can walk together with her to your rented apartment (medium apartment). there you will have fun with her. At this point you already unlocked several of her scenes: (Bug: this event can be triggered even if you haven't rented the apartment, but it will break the game, so better rent the apartment first at the mall)

    1. The first scene where she hungrily kissing you at the lobby and elevator then continue having fun with her in your apartment

    2. After the scene you can free-roam your medium apartment. You can either choose to go directly to sleep or hanging out with her that leads having fun with her again

    3. In the night, Miu will be horny again and will ask you to do her again even if you're already sleeping

    4. In the morning you can choose whether having morning fun with Miu or skip it

Next scenes are available for Corpo Life 0.16c

  • If you choose to get her drunk, at the end of the event you will take her to your middle apartment and do her there. this will unlock other two events

    1. Morning shower fun 7am - bathroom

    2. Before office quickie 8am - bedroom

  • You can take her to a Traditional Japenese Mountain Villa in the weekend. You can have lots of fun with here there

    1. Day fun- livingroom 2pm - 6pm

    2. Onsen BJ - bathroom/onsen 2pm - 6pm

    3. Post dinner do - livingroom 7 or 8pm

    4. Fun before sleep - bedroom 7 - 12pm

    5. Morning Fun - bedroom after waking up

  • Office fun (have fun with her first at least once)

    1. Check on her between 12pm to 1pm, she will take some nap, you can ask her to have fun with you

    2. Take her to the storage room 7-12pm

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