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Momo Honda: Nene's "Little Sister"

Momo has been working with Nene for several years prior in joining the bank. I hired her because of Nene's recommendation, and I don't regret it. She's a hard worker, and not only that... She's extremely beautiful, and is willing to have a steamy threesome with me and Nene. Can I handle this girl?

Name: Momo Honda

Age: 23 Years old


  • Momo will be available for hire after you hired Nene. When you hired her she will be working directly under Nene.

  • Talk to her after office hours to improve your relationship with her

  • If your relationship is high enough with her she will agree to have dinner with you and Nene after office hours

  • Take her to your studio apartment and do her there. (repeatable)

  • You'll awake at 4 am finding out that Momo's boyfriend's calling her. Do her again after she hung up.

  • When you do Momo at least once, there will be an option to drink sake with her instead have a team dinner with Momo.

  • Get her drunk and take her to your apartment, where you can sleep with her

  • In the morning she will be unusually horny. Do her again before heading to the office

  • The option to have a threesome with Momo dan Nene is unlocked at this stage. Call Nene and Momo at your office before 3 pm to trigger the event

  • Threesome scenes (Momo and Nene)

    • 1st scene: hj in the meeting room (check on Nene/Momo before 3 pm). You'll call them for some explanation of audit findings. Instead of giving proper answers, they will give you an offer you can't refuse: threesome hj

    • 2nd scene: After the event of 1st scene, you can repeat the scene again. Instead of choosing hjs, choose to do the scene in the storage room, where Momo and Nene will let you do them there.

    • 3rd scene: Work as usual at 9 or 10 pm. Momo and Nene will come to you and give you a nice break from work

    • 4th scene: Call Momo and Nene to your room at 7 - 10 pm. They will come to your room and drink some beer with you. You know what next.

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