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Nene Yoshi: Experienced Banker

As a CFO, I need to expand my team with the best talents available in the job market. Nene is not only sharp but also an experienced banker. I need her for a senior position in the bank as a business manager. She's currently single, but that doesn't mean that she's clueless about fun. She lives with her sister in an apartment.

Name: Nene Yoshi (Nene Yoshitaka)

Age: 27 Years Old


- Junior Manager - Manager (City Bank)

- Senior Manager - AVP (Commonwealth Bank)


  • Reach the rank of Chief, and get promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Check this guide for more detailed guide on how to become the CFO.

  • Nene will be available for one of the candidate that you can hire

  • She's a hard worker, she won't let you interrupt her work while she's on it. Interact with her after office hour only

  • Take her to a business meeting (Monday to Wednesday - 3 to 4 pm). After the meeting take her to a dinner. If she rejected your offer, don't worry try for another time. Do this several times until your relationship is high enough, eventually she will agree to open a bottle of Sake.

  • Open a bottle of sake, get her drunk. she will ask you to show her your dick, and eventually give you a blowjob.

  • After the blowjob you noticed Nene's too drunk to get home by herself. You can offer her to go to your place (you should've rented a studio apartment first to make this event available

  • You can have fun with her at your apartment. After the fun, she will fall asleep in your apartment

  • In the morning when you wake up, You notice that Nene is taking a shower, while Aoi's calling you from another room (if you already made her your sugar-baby). If you go to Aoi, Nene will leave your place. Go to the bathroom instead. Join Nene and fuck her there

  • When you finished showering, Nene is already wearing her office outfit because she will have a meeting with a potential borrower at lunch time. You can insist her to have a quickie (again), but be careful not to mess her outfit, or she will get angry.

  • These events are repeatable. You can always ask her to celebrate by drinking sake after the business meeting. This also unlock chain of events with her:

    • After drinking sake and getting a blowjob, you can ask her to fuck at the restaurant (public fun) - requires at least 7 times having fun with her to make her agree to do a public fun

    • Call her to your room for a quick fun (after office hour)

    • See her in the women's toilet (after office hour)

    • Have fun with her in the office (Monday to Wednesday - 6 to 10 pm)

    • She asks to fuck in your apartment (Thursday to Sunday - 6 to 10 pm)

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