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Remu Anastasia Fukuda: The Girl Next Door

Remu is the oldest daughter of Anthony Fukuda, The CFO of Chase Bank. Despite her privilege as CFO's daughter, she never capitalizes on the status, instead, she joined the bank because Chase is the only bank that has a data-scientist division at the moment. She aspires to be a great data scientist in the future, while the banking industry is only a stepping stone for her

Real Name: Suzumori Remu

Full Name: Remu Anastasia Fukuda

Age: 21 Years old

Alma mater: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Major: Data Science


  • Reach the rank of manager, and hire Remu as your subordinate

  • Give her tasks and jobs. She's a hustler she loves to work hard

  • If you reach a certain point of relationship with her, you can ask her to go on a date

  • If you're single you can ask her to be your girlfriend. When Remu agree to be your girlfriend, she will come to your place and stay there. You will have fun with her after the date

  • Dating Remu will unlock her fun events:

  1. Bedroom (Morning wake up) She will wake you up every morning, and you can ask her to have fun before getting up

  2. Shower (8 am) Remu will ask if she can join you showering. If you let her, you can ask hand/blow-jobs from her

  3. Kitchen - Morning (8-9 am) Remu's having breakfast with you in the morning. You can have a quickie with her

  4. Office Quickie (Flirt with her at the office) Approach Remu and flirt with her, you can ask for a quickie with her

  5. Office fun (Potential Borrower Visit) Before noon at the office, on certain days you can ask Remu to visit a potential borrower. You can have fun with her in the private lounge

  6. Post-Date fun (5 pm - Flirt) You can ask her to go on a date and have fun afterward. This scene is the same as the first fun scene with her

  7. Fun at the Locker Room (6 pm - Office) Approach Remu and ask her to have fun in the locker room

  8. Post-Drink fun (6 pm - Office) You can treat her to a drink after a heavy day at the office. This will get her drunk, and bring her true self to the surface

  9. Post-Drink Morning fun (Waking up after the Post-Drink fun) Remu's so horny and she can't wait to do you early in the morning

  10. Weekend Activity (Camping) You can ask Remu to go camping in Saturday and have steamy fun in the woods

  11. Weekend Activity (Theme Park) You can ask Remu to go to the themepark in Saturday/Sunday, and have fun afterward

  12. Weekend Activity (Beach Vacation) You can ask Remu to go on a beach vacation, and do each other's brains out on the beach

  13. Livingroom fun (7-8 pm - Home) Remu will fell asleep after hanging out with you in the Livingroom. You can "harass" her while she's sleeping

  14. Kitchen - Evening (7 pm - Home) Having dinner in the kitchen with her after a rough day at the office, Remu will make your day better by letting her do on the kitchen table

  15. Bedroom (10 pm - Monday to Wednesday - Home) Remu's already asleep. But you can always demand a quick fun from her

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.11b

  1. Buy the Large House at the property agent for 10 million bucks (you'll be greeted by Anne, the owner of the house)

  2. Bedroom (10 pm - Thursday to Sunday - Home) Remu's already asleep. Go to her and cuddle, she would love it

  3. Now that you have a private study room, Remu will begin to take the CFA course and study in the Private Study Room (8 - 9 pm). Check on her and she will eventually want to have fun with you

  4. Weekend - Kitchen (8 - 12 am), Remu's buying new furniture and kitchen appliances for the new house. Help her unbox and install them, Remu will be grateful for your help and reward you with a blowjob

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.12

  1. Marriage with Remu: There's a new weekend activity "Dinner with Remu". You can replay "after dinner" fun scene, or when your fun count with remu is > 15, and you have 1 million in cash, you can propose to her to unlock wedding events with her. This will lead to several marriage scenes with her:

  2. New waking-up scenes (Monday - Wednesday). They're the early days of the week, so you don't have much time. A blowjob from your wife is enough.

  3. Breakfast in the bedroom. after waking up, you can ask your wife to make you breakfast. You can also ask her to give you a blowjob.

  4. New waking-up scenes (Thursday - Sunday). It's nearly the end of the week, so having fun is surely better than just a blowjob.

  5. Private Study Room - Weekend - 8am to 2pm. You and Remu are hanging out in the study room discussing her progress in the CFA and FRM programs. Encourage her, and she will reward you by letting herself to be creampied

  6. Bedroom, 8pm to 10pm. Remu just finished showering, she wraps herself with a towel and invite you to join her in bed

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.13

  1. Home - Livingroom - 9 to 8 pm. You're hanging out with Remu in the living room. You can ask for fun with her

  2. Home - Bedroom - 4 to 7 pm. Remu's trying her newly bought lingerie.

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.14 - Requires Marriage with Remu

  • Remu Pregnancy - Turn ON pregnancy via Cheat page: Most creampie scenes with Remu can result in her pregnancy. Keep your energy level high to make pregnancy chances higher.

  • Additional office scenes

    1. Office - Check on her - 10 to 12 pm. Remu will give you a nice femdom surprise

    2. Office - Call Her - 8 to 12 pm. Call Remu to your office room to have some nice quickie with her

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.16b - Requires Marriage with Remu 

  • Kitchen scene 8-9pm

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.17b - Requires Marriage with Karen 

  • Complete Arina's events:

  • Complete Eva and Candice events:

  • Talk to Remu at the office (anytime before she went home)

  • Ask her to meet in the storage room to convince her to become your maid (fun event 1 - Repeatble)

  • After that, she will stay in your new mansion. You can ask her to cook for you and clean your mansion

  • In the morning, Remu will work as your normal subordinate. You can ask her to have fun again in the storage room and ask her for a quick blowjob

  • Train her to be a good maid - Go to her room after 7pm

    • Go to the maid rooms hallway ->Livingroom -> Longue -> Go to 2nd Floor -> Go to Maid Rooms -> Maid Room 1

    • Choose "teach her to be a good maid" instead of "I want to have fun"

    • Do this 5 times, you can command her to clean the house or to cook naked

    • Do this 7 times, you can ask for fun once you finished the meal she cooked for you

Additional scenes for Remu in Corpo Life 0.17c - Requires Marriage with Remu

  • Make sure you already purchased the large house (HOME)

  • Weekdays after work (7pm - 11pm) - Home - Livingroom. You're tired after long day at the office, and Remu will be there to comfort you

  • Office - Check on Remu - Give her work. She will refuse and ask you to cover for her, and she will reward you later.

  • Home - Take a shower at home between 7pm to 9pm afterwork. Remu will join you and have fun with her there

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