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Reona Costa: My Bestfriend's Wife

Reona is Andrew's wife, he's one of my best friends in the bank's management trainee program. She hasn't been successful at getting a job since she graduated from college, and it's even getting harder for her when she's married now to Andrew. When I was promoted to the CFO of the bank, Andrew asked me if there's any available position for her as my secretary.

Real Name: Kirishima Reona

Age: 23 Years Old

Graduated from Lisbon's School of Secretary


  • Complete BINAF event and wait for 2 weeks + 1 day

  • Go to the office lobby where Mrs. Parker calls you to her room and informs you that you're promoted to the CFO of the bank

  • Now the CFO's office is yours, and you can hire an additional secretary to help you in doing your job as a CFO

  • In your new CFO room, at 7-10 pm try to hire a new assistant

  • While you're looking for a new secretary, your old friend Andrew, your batch-mate from the management trainee program will call you and ask for a help

  • Come to Andrew's house, have dinner, and interview Reona, his wife. You will ask Reona to come to your office to bring the necessary documents

  • The next day, around 4-6 pm, go to your CFO room, Reona will come and bring her documents. You can have do with her here.

  • The next day, before 2 pm go to her house, and offer her a contract. You can have do with her here. Now she's officially your secretary

  • Now she's your secretary, you can have repeatable do with her in the office

    1. Check on Reona every weekday between 8 am - 4 pm, there you can ask her to:

      1. Prepare a meeting - A quickie before the meeting

      2. Fun at the pantry - Nobody's going to the pantry at this hour, so you can have quick and fun blowjobs from her

    2. Check on Reona every weekday between 5 pm - 10 pm, there you can ask her to:

      1. Do her while she's on a call

      2. Call her to your room to do

    3. At the weekend, before 2 pm, you can visit her house to do her

    4. At the weekend 8 am - 3 pm, visit the office and check on her... You can do her here. When she's doing cowgirl on the floor you can hear that someone is approaching. To Reona's surprise, it's Andrew. He will be furious but he doesn't have the gut to fight you. Instead, you'll mock him and ask if he wanted to join. Andrew left and divorce Reona at that moment. This unlocks two dating events with Reona:

      1. On Sunday, at 1 - 3 pm call her and ask if she's free and wants to go on a date. You will take her to go on a shopping free, but remember to keep 10K in your wallet, which is not a big deal for a CFO isn't it?

      2. At the end of the date, take her to your apartment and do her. Sleep with her through the night

      3. In the morning, Reona will wake you up and offer you a bottle of wine... You can do her after

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