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Yua Mikami: The Loner and High-Achiever

Yua doesn't really go well with other colleagues at the office. She doesn't have lunch with the team, and she doesn't talk much with the team, but one thing that I noticed from her was that she checks on me on several occasions.

Yua lives alone in her high-end apartment. Her parents seem to do well themselves. Yua also works exceptionally hard. When I go to the office at the weekend, I always see her working there. She's not just beautiful and funy, she's also bright and a hard worker

Full Name: Yua Mikami

Age: 22 Years Old

Alma Mater: Tokyo National University

Major: Advanced Mathematics


  • Reach the rank of Manager where you can hire her as one of your team

  • Keep interacting with her, and give her tasks or assignments. She loves that

  • She won't talk to you when she's working, try to talk again with her after office hour

  • She will be working on the weekend. Try talking with her when she's working

  • Talk with her after office hours, and ask her to go to have dinner at the restaurant. If your relationship is high enough with her she will accept your offer to take her home, where you then have fun with her at her place. This will unlock her chain of fun-events with her. Here's the list of available fun scenes for her (at the moment):

    1. Yua's Apartment Post-Date fun. This is the first fun scene with her. It's repeatable. All you need to do is to ask her again to have dinner when you're at the office with her, and proceed to funy-time with her

    2. Yua's Apartment Morning fun. After the post-date fun, you and Yua will fall asleep together. In the morning Yua will go to the bathroom to call her parents. This is a routine for her. You can sneak up on her and do her while she's talking with her parents on the phone.

    3. Yua's Bedroom - Quickie before work (8 - 9 am). Go to her bedroom in the morning and have some quickie with her

    4. Yua's Dinning Room - Breakfast and Boobjob (8 - 9 am). Yua cooks for you and will have breakfast together with you. When you're getting ready Yua will offer you boobjob to brighten your day

    5. Yua's Bathroom Evening fun (8 - 9 am) Yua brushes her teeth. You can have fun with her while she's cleaning herself up

    6. Yua's Bedroom Evening fun (6 - 10 pm) You share your office burden with her. She will comfort you by having fun

    7. Office fun (Office Hours) Now you can distract Yua from her work. Check on her, take her to an empty room to receive boobjob from her

    8. Office fun (After Office Hours) Check up on her after around 7 pm, you can done her on her table

    9. Office fun (Midnight) You will see Yua's going home around 11-12 pm at the hallway/office lobby. It's practically only you and her there. Have some public fun never hurts

    10. Office fun (Weekend) Check on her at the office on the weekend. You can have fun with her, but be careful people might still be there

Yua promotion event (Corpo Life 0.16):

  • Rent medium apartment (20K/week)

  • do Yua at least 10 times

  • Reach the rank of Chief and become the CFO

  • Promote Yua to the rank of VP.

  • This will unlock interactions with Yua in the medium apartment

  • Now Yua will live in your new apartment, explore lots of fun scenes with her in the medium apartment

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