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Yuu Shinoda: Karen's Pettitte Mother

Mrs Shinoda is available for Corpo Life 0.15 Download the latest build on my Patreon

The death of her husband forced her to be a single mother with three daughters. Karen is her youngest daughter which she loves the most.

She's a professional geologist often working offshore in one of the most prestigious global oil companies. Despite being a high-ranking official in her company, she never hesitates to clean her house, wash the dishes, and cook food for her kids.

Marrying Karen and getting her pregnant will force Yuu to come to see her grandkids. On Karen's 15th day of pregnancy, she will come and stay at your house


  • Buy a large house (10 million bucks), marry Karen, and impregnate her. On the 15th day of Karen's pregnancy, she will come to your house (On the 15th day of Karen's pregnancy, go to your livingroom at 8 am. Karen's mom will arrive)

  • Karen's mom loves doing chores. Helping her can improve your relationship with her

    • Kitchen (7 - 11 am & 6 - 7 pm) help her do chores in the kitchen

    • Her bedroom (Guest room 3. 11 am - 6 pm) help her do chores in her bedroom

  • If your relationship with Mrs Shinoda is high enough, when you got horny, after helping do chores in her bedroom, you can ask for a hand job as a favor

  • On your first try, she will get angry because of your request. But deep inside she's intrigued

  • Peek on her while she's having a shower (Guest Bathroom - 8 to 9 pm). Steal her panties. She will find out and confront your action.

  • You will admit that you steal her panties because, during Karen's pregnancy, she can't have fun (Of course this is a lie)

  • She will understand and offer you a hand to relieve your tension (This event is repeatable. Peek her while she's having a shower between 8 - 9pm in the guest bathroom). Now after helping her clean her bedroom, she will agree to give you hand-job (need lust >50%)

  • When she's doing chores in the kitchen, you can grope her butt, and ask for an assjob. But she will get angry at you

  • Get handjobs from her several times (4-5 times) to unlock the a-job

  • Now every time you see her cleaning up the kitchen you can ask for an ass-job

  • Go to her bedroom (Guest Bedroom 3) at 10 - 11 pm, You will catch her masturbating mentioning your name. Confront her, and she will eventually agree to have fun with you. This event is repeatable and you will unlock several fun scenes:

    • Morning (7-8 am) / Night (12pm) Bedroom scenes: do her when she's sleeping

    • Night fun before bed - Your bedroom 11-12pm. Yuu will knock on your door asking for fun before bed

    • Kitchen fun. Help her do chores in the kitchen. You'll notice that Karen's not around and you can ask Yuu for a quick fun

The Mansion - Karen as Maid - Remu's Route (Available in Corpo Life 0.17c)

  • Make sure you already hired Karen as maid, and completed all her scenes. guide:

  • Mansion - Livingroom - 10am to 1pm. Call Karen's mom, Mrs Shinoda to work as a house cleaner (costs 2000 bucks/session). She will work for a day and then go home. You can her again tomorrow

  • Call her to clean your mansion at least 3 times

  • Call her again to work the next day, ask her to clean the living room. You can do her from behind when she's cleaning

  • Call her again to work the next day, ask her to clean the master bed room. You can do her from behind when she's cleaning

  • Call her again to work the next day, ask her to wear something fun, when she's arrived at your mansion she will ask you for a quick fun before starting to work

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how do i get conceive baby confirmation from karena . Is there any settings, i need to activate it ?

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